some thoughts about IPv6

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some thoughts about IPv6

Post by adi » Wed Nov 03, 2010 4:50 pm

IPv6 is the upcoming next generation internet protocol, which will replace IPv4 in the (near) future. The biggest advantage of IPv6 compared to IPv4 is it's much greater address space. IPv6 is supported by almost any recent operating system and often enabled by default.

My IPv6 changes have been merged a while ago. Nobody complained so far :D. There are still some things left to test. You can use the so-called link-local addresses, which are only valid in a network segment and are automatically set up by your operating system, they start with "fe80::". Localhost in IPv6 is "::1".

There are basically two things I'd like to have tested with different operating systems.
  • Does the server show up with its link-local IPv6 address in the LANDiscovery, and are you able to connect to it? If not, can you connect with "--dest <ipv6-address>"?
  • Does the name resolution with "--dest <hostname>" work correctly? This is trickier to test in its extents. Just let me list up some expected problems:
    • The hostname does not resolve at all.
    • The hostname resolves to IPv6 altough the system does not have a global IPv6 address configured.
    • A dual-stack host gets resolved to its IPv4 address instead of its IPv6 adress, altough you have good global IPv6 connectivity.
    • Resolving through MDNS aka Zeroconf/Bonjour/Avahi does not work.
Please report if the first thing works and on which operating system. For the second test I could prepare a test environment on my laptop and bring it to an Orxonox session.

Sadly IPv6 is completely disabled on the Tardis computers :(.

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