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Post by mpalic » Fri May 18, 2012 1:56 pm

I have made a new Weapon called Spacebomb. I've just modified the existing files "" and "" in the branch "Spacebomb".
In this branch SimpleRocket does not have its original function anymore: The SimpleRocket files implement the new Spacebomb.

Before this branch can be merged, the SimpleRocket facilities have to be moved to new Spacebomb facilities and added as a new weapon in the weapon system. Also, the original SimpleRocket functionality has to be restored in the Spacebomb branch from trunk. :!:
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Re: Spacebomb

Post by x3n » Sat May 19, 2012 12:01 pm

Hi Marko!

I'm looking forward to seeing your new weapon at the presentation!

In general it's not recommended to overwrite existing classes. You can copy your source code to a new file (for example and, replace SimpleRocket with SpaceBomb everywhere in your code, and revert the original files of simple rocket with SVN. But please make a backup before you start!

Also you should ask your assistants how to commit your code to SVN (or simply read the coding tutorial again) because I think you haven't committed yet. That's bad practice because you could lose your code if you don't commit regularly and we can't see what you're working on.

To add your new weapon to the weaponsystem, you have to modify data/levels/includes/weaponSettingsAssff.oxi (or any other file called weaponSettingsXXX.oxi, depending on which spaceship you want to modify). Search for SimpleRocketFire in the xml code and replace it with your weapon fire.
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