New Approach to Story Development

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New Approach to Story Development

Post by beni » Tue Oct 27, 2009 7:46 am

I feel there is a great disconnect between Story/Universe and Game Development, which may hurt the overall direction of development. I experience this disconnect in the form, that many proposals for story and universe cannot be used for development for various reasons.
On the other hand however, there are always unanswered questions about the story and the universe from the developer side.
Example: The coder wants to work on the space ship properties. He includes some shields, weapons and various health, energy etc. bars.
The story developer on the other hand talks about broken down ships, which are unsafe and are custom made by crazy persons. He is against shields, because it doesn't fit his storyline and prefers EMP weapons which are able to fry electronics, for which the coder has not included a "health bar".

I can come up with many more scenarios. I want however to encourage coders and also modelers to ask unanswered questions. I usually have a good idea about what I'd like, but I cannot possible write down everything. Many coders also are too lazy too read through half a book of nonsense until the trip over the one interesting detail, they were searching for. It is also easy for story developers to work together with coders or designers to work out a realistic version of their ideas. The coder can tell the story guy, what is possible and how his idea could look like.

So to my proposal: Try to ask specific questions when you experience difficulties or uncertainties coming to design of various things. People interested in the story (me?) can usually point out a good paragraph on a wiki-site or an idea, which has not been written down. It's a lot easier for me, if there are specific questions and it is a lot easier for you if you don't have to search for the information.
Just post your question in this forum.
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