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Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2013 6:25 am
by beni
For you developers out there who want to understand GIT better while using it. There is a new open-source tool that visualizes everything going on in your git repository: Ungit.

Here's a video of it.

Re: Ungit

Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2013 6:48 pm
by x3n
nice userinterface, but I guess you still have to know how Git works and what it does behind the shiny userinterface or you'll run into trouble sooner or later.

Re: Ungit

Posted: Fri Aug 23, 2013 11:09 am
by beni
Yeah, it's probably helpful to understand what's going on, but in order to know what 'rebase' does or why you need to push and pull, you still need to know how git works.

I also wonder if you can do more complicated things like cherry pick or rebase -i.