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Orxonox Advertising

Post by beni » Fri May 02, 2008 9:27 am

Since we face the problem, that we have too much students in autumn and too little in spring, Fabian and I discussed a possibility to inform students about our PPS in a new and better way.

Orxonox Advertising works like this: Orxonoxers go into a lecture and have a 5 minute presentation of Orxonox. The lecture is a second semester lecture, so people in the audience will be able to choose to enlist into the PPS the next semester. Of course we will have to tell the people that the PPS is also offered in the spring semester.

With Orxonox Advertising we would also draw more attention from people how do not want to work for us, but they will at least know we exist and if we're more famous, more people will offer their help, also from students from other departments, universities, cities, countries... planets?

Well, we'd still need the Orxonox Advisers: People who would ask a professor if they can have a little presentation and would like to stand in front of that many people.

The presentation itself could be just a slide on an OHP or something.
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Post by patrick » Mon May 05, 2008 1:48 pm

Hi beni,

This is a very good idea! OHP would be sufficient but imagine how you could impress the students by showing them real moving 3D scenes.... :wink:

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