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Release Planning

Post by The Jo » Wed Feb 02, 2011 2:01 pm

Is there a timetable for the release?
Did we gather all urgent tasks?
Are all those tasks assigned to Orxonox members?
What kind of tasks can be carried out by PPS students?
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Re: Release Planning

Post by Mozork » Wed Feb 02, 2011 4:56 pm

There's no timetable, yet but we have some (incomplete) TODO list, here:

Most of the tasks are not yet assigned.

Also there's another topic where we talked about the upcoming release:

I haven't had time yet, to really go through it and see what else has to be done, which of it i can do and what could be tasks for PPS students but I'll do that after my exams. (Which is in about a week)

You see, AI is an issue and you're working on that, so you're already helping us in making this release happen. I think the most important issue is levels, so if you want to help more, you could look into improving (or rather polishing) the existing levels. Almost all levels lack in one or the other respect, be it sound, game mechanics, visual appeal, ...

The main thing I am going to do is the tutorial level (with a little help from Beni (Knecht)) and everything that entails, e.g. better notifications and quests.

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