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Basic Gameplay

Post by nicolasc » Sun Dec 03, 2006 12:41 pm

or how the attributes system works

This is a the current state of the character system. Updates will be merged into this post
Comment are always welcome. Try to keep discussions out of here.
  • Energy: The internal reactor produces energy to power the ship. One portion is locked to keep the system running, the rest can be distributed amongst shield regeneration, weapon energy regeneration and engine systems.
  • Armor: non-regenerative "health"; can only be repaired between missions. It get affected by pDamage.
  • Shield: A thin regenerative layer of armor; prevents damage to hull and internal systems (EMP weapons). When it collapses, it takes some time until the shield is strong enough to reactivate. It get only affected by pDamage.
  • Electronics: Representing the state of the ships internal systems. They are also a secondary kind of health. A few hits won't affect the systems, as backups can handle the damage. Typical damage effects are temporal shield failure, targeting problems for missiles, jammed guns, chaotic behaviour of the ship controls... It get affected by eDamage.
  • Weapon Systems:
    • Primary weapons: A set of individually selectable energy weapons with an energy pool each.
    • Secondary Weapons: a set of ammo limited special weapons (i.e. swarm missile, laser mines, redeemer like weapons)
How the damage system works:
  • pDamage: short for physical Damage
    Damage that is dealt to shields and armor if shield failed.
  • eDamage: short for electro-magnetic Damage
    Damage dealt to the electronic, applies only if shields are down.
Basically both damage types are independent of one another, this give us a better flexibility later on (i.e enemies that are impossible to kill with pDamage, but quite easy with eDamage)

2006-12-06: updated electronics, as they are in use now. Added Damage System
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