Orxonox reached Revision 10'000

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Orxonox reached Revision 10'000

Post by patrick » Mon Dec 04, 2006 1:34 pm

Dear developers,

from time to time it's good to look back and see what we have done. Yesterday, we reached revision 10'000, which means, that there were about 10'000 commits in the Orxonox repository. Time to look back.

In the last years Orxonox made it's way from a bloody wireframed graphics framework to an almost playable demo. We created and integrated many very advanced graphical effects and framework issues. In some parts, Orxonox can even compete with commercial games.

It's important not only to see, what we need to do to reach our goal, but also to honor the work of all the people involved with Orxonox in the last years.
So I wanna thank you all for your efforts, your ideas and your help!!

May Orxonox become a playable game in this semester and attract players from all over the world :beerchug:
Orxonox Rulez 8)

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