The First Release

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The First Release

Post by Nowic » Fri Feb 02, 2007 4:44 pm

I know we all have exams, but before everyone starts learning I would like to collect some ideas about the first release. I think Orxonox is at a point where we shuold make a first release. Not a version to play hundreds of hours, but a release that shows what Orxonox can do, to attract new developers and to make it more popular. My questions (and my answers).

1. When should we release?
2. What kind of development model should we use in the future?
3. Version number? Release name?
4. What should the release contain? What has to be solved?

1. When should we release?
I think we should release it before the new PPS starts. After the exams, there will be no snow left... so we have time :)

2. and 3.
We should make incremental releases like many OSS Projects do. These releases will only receive bug fixes, no new features.
So out first release would be 0.1.0, All bug-fixes are 0.1.x . The second release 0.2.0. And so on. If we are stable and have 100h+ content we'll release 1.0.0 :)

Better Ideas? And we need funny release names... :P

4. What should the release contain? What has to be solved?
We shouldn't add any new features. Just improve the existing code and add a level that shows the modules of the previous PPSs.

- improve the scroller level (segfault(s)).
- fix the missing weapons (rockets).
- fix the rotor.
- check if shaders are supported (segfault).
- Add a Tech-Demo-Level (camera only, scripted) with a vulcano, a lake, the weather engine and a movie screen with the Orxonox cartoon.
- Add a "credits" level.
- Add the "multiplayer arena" as a proof of concept multiplayer level (low priority, maybe very unrealistic)

Other things (post release):
- Windows installer
- ebuild and packages for as many distributions as possible ;) Ubuntu is already maintained.
- Linux Installer

Your opinions? What did I forget?
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Post by beni » Fri Feb 02, 2007 8:36 pm

Super Nowic
This was what I was thinking of when I've read the title of your subject.

1. Releasing
I agree with releasing in the next month. Deadline will be a week before the semester start.

2. Release model
I totally agree with your release model as well. I can't think of anything better with more sense.

3. Release names
We should call our releases futuristic names. I'd really like planet names or names of galaxies or whatever. You guys may think of cooler stuff. It would also make a lot of sense when the release names would have something to do with the new implemented features.
In Ikaruga the levels had the names of the Buddhism way of enlightenment.

4. Our first release
I don't see anything missing in your list. Probably you want to consider more and better sound effects for the release. I think this is also important.

All in short: The release should contain the playable levels to show Orxonox' game play and it should show the features we all have implemented in the last years. So there should be the Tech-Demo-Level for sure. It will be release number 0.1.0 and needs a name. And because this is our first release we should start with a small thing in the universe. My first thought is Mercury because that's the first planet in our solar system. Big Bang would also contain something which was there first, but I think we could call version 1.0.0 Big Bang. This release won't contain any known bugs anymore and should give a good impression of how cool Orxonox really is.
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Post by silvan » Sun Feb 04, 2007 9:09 am

Nothing to add!

I am planing to go on holiday after the exams so I don't know how much time I have to support you, but I will do what I can while I'm home!
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Post by patrick » Sun Feb 04, 2007 10:44 pm

Hi guys!
Good initiative and smart thinking!

I think most of the things have been said so far. Let me just try to add priorities to the ToDo list, suggestion:

1. Improve the vertical scroller level (segfault(s) somewhere in AI module)
2. Check, if shaders are supported (segfault).
3. Total cleanup (rebuild) of the camera manager.
4. Add a "credits" level.
5. Fix the rotor, fix the missing weapons (rockets).
6. Windows installer, linux packages, linux installer.
7. Webpage update (better overview, more infos).
8. Add a Tech-Demo-Level (camera only, scripted) with a volcano, a lake, the weather engine and a movie screen with the Orxonox cartoon.

Now the multiplayer module for Orxonox is currently unavailable. Unfortunately there is no proof of concept of it ATM.

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Post by hofzge » Mon Feb 05, 2007 9:39 am

Even tough I get no holidays as you all, I would be overjoyed to finally get the webpage back to operational.
Thanks for mentioning it here. Like this I will finally be forced to do it :)
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