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Post by beni » Sun Jan 20, 2008 6:00 pm

patrick wrote:Cool. I know Simon well, we did a TIK course together and he's a nice guy. I told him some things about Orxonox in the course ;). We should definitely make some thoughts about it. If you have enough to do with the overall Orxonox work, let me know, I will be gladly going to this meeting and inform you about it.
But of course it's your call.
Yeah, I know Simon just a bit. We had several small encounters, but we never got a proper introduction. We used your slides in the TI course btw ;).
If you would like to talk in front of the AMIV it'll be a big help for me. Also I think you have more experience and best motivation to help Orxonox and talk to strangers concerning Orxonox. So yeah, I could write to Simon and tell him that you will be there instead of me. It won't be before the next semester I think.
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