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[fixed] Camera position bug

Posted: Tue Jun 19, 2007 4:04 pm
by silvan
When switching to the "1" viewmode the positions of all the other cameras in the level get somehow reset. (to x: -6.640292; y: 3.334079; z: -0.004783 lenght: 7.430315 )

(solved:) All the cameras were subscribed to the PEV_VIEW0 event. When you pressed "1" all cameras were set to the relative coordinates x: -6.640292; y: 3.334079; z: -0.004783, which were in my case also the absolute coordinates because the parent of the camera in question was the nullparent.

I fixed this by commenting the the following in the camera:

Code: Select all

//  this->subscribeEvent(ES_GAME, KeyMapper::PEV_VIEW0);
//  this->subscribeEvent(ES_GAME, KeyMapper::PEV_VIEW1);
//  this->subscribeEvent(ES_GAME, KeyMapper::PEV_VIEW2);
//  this->subscribeEvent(ES_GAME, KeyMapper::PEV_VIEW3);
//  this->subscribeEvent(ES_GAME, KeyMapper::PEV_VIEW4);
//  this->subscribeEvent(ES_GAME, KeyMapper::PEV_VIEW5);
If something stopped working for you please let me know.