[Bug] Audio stream gets interrupted

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[Bug] Audio stream gets interrupted

Post by beni » Thu Feb 21, 2008 8:30 am

Hi guys,

Orxonox works perfect on my system except for the sound. I do hear music, but when I strain my system a little bit (change windows while compiz is running etc.) the audio stream starts to get interrupted.
It feels like the buffer is unable to be filled fast enough so a lot of pauses occur. The music itself does not pause, it's rather that pieces get lost and one doesn't hear anything during these periods.

Giving the game enough resources from the start, the problem does not occur or only in less serious versions.

I run a T61p from Lenovo, with freshly updated Ubuntu Hardy Heron Alpha 4 (Kernel 2.6.24-8 ). I have not experienced any problems with the sound on other players or in other games.
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Post by nicolasc » Thu Feb 21, 2008 9:13 am

A quick and dirty workaround it to use the aoss wrapper, which pretends to be an oss (open sounds system) device and then pipes it the the alsa card.

A package should be available under most distros. Use the following command in ubuntu or debian to install.

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# aptitude install alsa-oss
The usage it pretty intuitive. For the orxonox run command use:

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$ aoss ./run --mode standalone
Once again: It is only a workaround, not a clean solution.

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