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open Outcast

Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2007 10:45 pm
by beni
Hey guys.

Some of you may know the old game (guess it was 1999) Outcast. I was a big fan of everything in the game. Just today I reinstalled it and man this looks terrible. Voxelgraphics and the highest possible solution is 540 something.

Still one of my most beloved games and as it turned out, Nowic is a big fan of it as well.

Now the interesting part: Fans of Outcast started quite some time ago a sequel to the game. The offical Outcast 2 has been cancelled and so they decided to make oOC (open Outcast).
They use the crytalspace engine, but other than this, they work with very similar tools and stuff. They just released a techdemo and it looks pretty neat if you ask me.

Go check it out:

I wanted to inform you people of other interesting open source games. Having a base of a story and universe will sure help them with the content, textures and story telling. Let's observe that project a bit.