Blender 2.46 & second Open Movie

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Blender 2.46 & second Open Movie

Post by Nowic » Sat May 31, 2008 2:49 pm

A short update from the Blender Community:

The second open movie "Big Buck Bunny" has been released yesterday. While creating this movie many new Blender features have been implemented or improved. Very interesting stuff, like hair and fur simulation, approximate ambient occlusion, enhanced texture baking and uv editing.
Texture baking could be a big benefit for orxonox, as we could reduce our texturing efforts and improve the overall texture quality. Baking allows you to render any blender material effect into an UV map. E.g. shadows, specularity, bumps... demo video with a simple example: ... bake_to_uv

Watch "Big Buck Bunny":
The new features of 2.46: ... ender-246/

The upcoming Apricot Project (the first Open Game by the blender institute) is aiming to improve blender's wokflow and tools for game developers. They already implemented a generic embedded game engine rendering window, so you have instant feedback how your level or model will to look in the final product.

Project Page:

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